ABWA WNY is an organization made up of a diverse group of professional women who volunteer their time and expertise in an effort to support other business women in their search for professional development, leadership opportunities and networking.

The organization is lead by Board of Directors consisting of an Executive Board and five Committee Chairpersons.

The 2017-2018 Executive Board includes:

President: Jo-Ann Frys | president@abwawny.com

Vice President: Karen Penfold | vicepresident@abwawny.com

Treasurer: Brenda Michalowski | treasurer@abwawny.com

Secretary: Joanne Bender | secretary@abwawny.com

Past President: Jennifer Dalfonso | pastpresident@abwawny.com

The 2017-2018 Committee Chairpersons are:

Community Chair: Open Position  | community@abwawny.com

Membership Chair: Open Position | membership@abwawny.com

Programs & Professional Development Chair: Open Position | professionaldevelopment@abwawny.com

Publicity Chair : Open Position | publicity@abwawny.com

Events Chair : Open Position | events@abwawny.com