Our November 2016 Spotlight :: Andrea G. Harden

Andrea Harden is a hard working woman, she currently running two independent businesses. Andrea is proud to be an independent Future Sales Director with Mary Kay.  After she fell in love with the skin care products 11 years ago, and shortly afterwards started her own Mary Kay business and has been for the last 10 years. She loves the fact that she is working with women of integrity and has the opportunity to train and share with other women who may be looking for anything from a little pampering, a night out away from the kids J, some extra income for those little incidentals or a complete change of career!  Andrea can honestly say that this was not in my short or long or every very long term goals, after all she was a successful corporate leader with an MBA.  But Mary Kay has given Andrea a way to put her skills to work in a way she didn’t realize possible!

Andrea has been in HR/Training for about 22 years, and recently stepped out on her own, leaving the consulting company she has been with for years, and now is an independent training consultant.  Andrea stated that this allows her to share her skills and passion with others. Andrea focuses on Teams, Change Management and Diversity and Inclusion.

Fun facts:

What is your favorite TV Show? Wow – Let’s see…I like a lot of the oldies – comedies are my favorites like Mad About You and Will and Grace but currently I’d say The Voice; and Tyler Perry’s The Have and The Have Nots and the Home improvement (Property Brothers) or Cooking shows (Chopped Jr.)

Favorite Song on the radio? Katy Perry’s “Rise”

Favorite ice cream flavor? Black Cherry

Last movie you went to see at the theater? Finding Dory J - yep I admit that!

Last book you read?

(Currently reading) Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Best Yes byLisa Terkeurst and a bunch of fictional books (I like female African-American Authors)

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Definitely Thanksgiving – it’s about two of my favorite things – Family and Food – and just a day to be grateful for every blessing!

Andrea received her undergraduate degree in Business and Communication, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Andrea’s goal in life is “that when I’m working with people that they leave feeling better about themselves after we left than before.  Either through a passing smile, a brief conversation or a full blown interaction.” Both of Andrea’s professions allow her to live those goals to the fullest.

Andrea is married and a mother of two. She has been married for 20 years to her husband Harold. Her daughter Natalie (Tala) is a 19 year old college sophomore, and one of the most amazing people she knows and her son, Nathanael 17, Grade 12.  Andrea calls him their GEM (God’s Exceptional Miracle) who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism but has yet to let that limit him.

3 unique things about her, in her own words:

  1. I’m a California girl – born in Los Angeles
  2. I didn’t speak for my first 2½ years of life (had a very talkative older sister) and then   was pretty quiet until my college years (that usually shocks people!)
  3. I’m that person who will pay for your meal in the drive thru line, just to make your day a bit better.

Andrea first met Sarah Blankenship at another networking event and she shared the mission of ABWA. Andrea states she joined for an atypical reason, “The group is small, smaller than other professional groups I’ve been a part of. But I saw that as an opportunity to be involved and have a role in growing it to its full potential.  I think that allows for woman to get to know either other better and to actively be a part of the group’s movement.”

Andrea would like members to know that with her pretty much what you see is what you get. She takes pride in her faith and integrity. She loves meeting new people and helping to support other women owned businesses.

Andrea can be reached by phone (talk or text) at 716-812-2129 or by email at aghmaryk@gmail.com. Visit www.marykay.com/agharden to learn more about Mary Kay Products.