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Wealthy and Wise Workshop Series



Home Buying and Selling! 

Thinking about buying a house? Selling a house? Have questions?

Join us Thursday September 20th from 6pm-7:30pm in our office with our panel of experts- ready to answer all of your home purchase and sales questions.

  • Mortgage broker: Ross Bowman from 1st Priority Mortgage
  • Real Estate agent: Dana D'Angelo
  • Licenced Home Inspector: Geno Pachetti
  • Real Estate Attorney: Joshua Ramos
  • Financial Planner: Nicholle Overkamp




Paying for College

Have you been asking yourself questions like:

-How am I going to PAY for my kid's college?
-What is a FASFA and am I even filling this out right?
-How can I maximize the number of grants, aid and scholarships my child is able to get for school?


-How am I going to pay off these student loans?
-What is the best repayment plan for me? 
-Should I consolidate?

Then you need to join us as we host expert in college planning, Andy Leardini, Founder of College Financing Group. Wednesday September 26th from 6pm-7:30pm



From Side Hustle To Main Gig!

Calling all #BossBABES and wanna be #LadyBosses!

  • Sick of the full time, 9-5 schedule, and working for "the man"?
  • Got a side hustle?
  • A hobby you want to turn into a business?
  • A part time gig you are ready to make full time but aren't sure if you are ready to take the plunge!?


  • maybe you are already killin' it and ready to take it to the next level?

Then this night is for you! Wednesday October 10th 6p-7:30p





Have you ever been curious on how to start an investment account
                                                                          ...  or maximize your current investments?

We’ll go over...

        -the fundamentals of investing
        -how to have the right mindset around investing
        -how to double your wealth faster than inflation
        -the difference between all the different retirement accounts
        -and more

Tuesday October 23rd 6p-7:30p!




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